Team Instructions

A general summary as to what to expect can be found on this page for preparations and training purposes.

Further information can also be found on our FAQs page.

General Summary

Teams must be at the starting point at least 20 minutes before their start time given on the Team List, to allow time to register, receive log books and have the details of the Walk fully explained. Teams will undergo a kit check. The start time will be advised.

Proposed menus (for teams camping) and the yellow Start Form must be completed beforehand and handed in at the start when your team is called. In the case of Main Event and Mini Trek teams, it must be signed where indicated by the adult Team Supervisor (not Team Leader).

Please wait in the car park until your team number is called. Please park considerately. The trophies and prizes to be won will be on show at the start.

Teams must be suitably clad for the expedition, which covers approximately 16 miles on the Saturday (Mini Trek about 8 miles) and 8 miles on the Sunday.

All equipment must be carried for the duration of the walk by the team, except for Teeni, Mini Trekkers and Veterans who only carry day sacks which should include a First Aid kit. A minimum kit list is given below (Note: Teams are responsible for having appropriate kit for the event):

  • OS Explorer Map 183 (Chelmsford & The Rodings)
  • Tent
  • Compass, whistle and torch
  • Pen and pencil
  • Washing kit
  • Sleeping bag
  • Cooking equipment, stove and food
  • Change of clothes
  • First Aid kit (proprietary kit such as Boots or Cotswold Outdoor)
  • Old trainers (for wet incidents)
  • Sun block
  • Hayfever remedy (if required) - rapeseed oil fields will be crossed
  • Mobile phone (at least two per team)

Carry as light a load as possible!

The competition is strenuous and the going is tough. Physical fitness and stamina training prior to the weekend is essential. One member of the team, at least, should be familiar with the basic principles of First Aid.

For Main Event and Mini Trek teams, Team Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the whole team's readiness for the weekend, especially with regards to navigation skills using map and compass, and fitness.

Teams will walk between checkpoints denoted by map references. At each checkpoint, the details of the next leg will be displayed on a Checkpoint Board. Each leg will have a target time and 1 point will be deducted from the points allowed for each 2 minutes late. The target time is challenging and only a few teams will achieve it!

Points will be awarded for each "puzzle" (observation test) correctly answered, and also for each incident. Puzzle answers must be written in the log-book, not given verbally, to avoid others hearing.

Teams will be booked out from each checkpoint 10 minutes after they have completed each incident. They may leave straight away, thereby gaining time or rest for the 10 minutes

Any queries with the awarding of points will be dealt with in the first instance by the Checkpoint Marshal. If the team is dissatisfied with that decision then a written appeal should be handed in to the Campsite Marshal on Saturday by 9pm or to the Finish Marshal on Sunday by 1pm. The decision of the Waltham Walk Committee will be final.

The location of the Saturday campsite will be advised to participating teams.

Visiting staff can also camp on Saturday, but are responsible for their own costs. Please book in advance. There is no charge for staff assisting at checkpoints. To book please email

The Waltham Walk holds Public Liability insurance for the event through The Boys' Brigade's insurers. Personal accident insurance is only provided through The Boys' Brigade's insurers for registered BB members. For other teams, personal accident cover may be provided by the organisation the team is affiliated to. Independent teams need to consider their own personal accident insurance.

Please see the entry page for current fees. We regret the entry fees are not refundable to those not starting.

The finish location will be advised where hot food will be provided for teams between approximately noon and 2:30pm. The meal will be BBQ style, and will not include chips! The prizegiving, lasting about half an hour, will start around 3pm, once the points have been calculated and checked, and certificates written.

In view of staffing shortages we are asking all competing groups to try to provide at least one person to give 4 hours help at a checkpoint Saturday or Sunday if at all possible. Please email if you are able to help.

There will be an emergency phone number in operation for the whole of the weekend. Please make sure this emergency number is entered into all teams' mobile phones before the start, to save time and entry errors at the check-in desk.

The Waltham Walk Safety Procedures will be displayed on the noticeboard at the start. Copies are available on request. 2 person Mini Trek teams and 1 person Main Event teams (resulting from team members dropping out) will be directed to walk with another team, for safety reasons, rather than on their own. Original log books will be retained.