These rules are for the safety of all those taking part and the event’s smooth running:

  • Age limits are as stated on the Entry Form.
  • The Country Code must be obeyed at all times.
  • Class “A” and “B” roads are not to be used, unless the route directions on a checkpoint board direct you to do so. Obviously, Motorways are not to be used at any time during the walk. ALL route instructions must be followed.
  • Team members must walk in single file on all roads, and on footpaths across fields.
  • All members of a team must stay together over the whole route. Remember – this is a team competition. Placings can only be gained by a team finishing complete.
  • Dangerous knives are forbidden
  • There is no ban on satellite positioning equipment.
  • Teams may be pulled out of the event if they are more than 60 minutes late at a checkpoint. No teams will be allowed to continue if they are unfit to do so, or if they cannot make camp by nightfall on Saturday, or the finish by 1pm on Sunday.
  • No assistance is to be given to teams by leaders, which would give their teams an unfair advantage. Please limit your help to encouragement! Teeni Trekkers are the exception.
  • The Committee reserves the right to deduct penalty points from, or disqualify, any team not observing these rules. The Committee’s decision is final.
  • Any team member dropping out during the event must report to a Marshal before doing so. An emergency telephone number will be given to all teams at the start.