Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. Please also see our Team Instructions page for further information.

The ages range from under 12 years for entry level, 12 to 18 years for the core events and 18 plus years. There are four classes of event:

  • 10-12 years (school years 5, 6 & 7) for the Junior and Super Junior Treks (teams must include an accompanying leader(s) - the ratio of young people to leaders is down to individual organisations' safeguarding guidance)
  • 12-14 years (school years 7, 8 & 9) for the Mini Trek
  • 14 to 18 years (school years 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13) for the Main Event
  • 19 years plus for the Veterans and Supervets Events

Ages are as at 31st August of the year in which the event takes place. So far the highest combined age for a team was 149 years!

You must be familiar with using a map and compass, and camping out doors. You must have knowledge of basic First Aid in the team. Ideally all members will have this basic knowledge and one will have more advanced awareness.

All events: You will need, ideally, two good pairs of footwear together with a change of socks. Dry feet travel better. You will need to cater for changeable weather; hot, cold, dry or wet so use clothing layers. Over a weekend the weather often changes for the better or the worse. Just as important as waterproofs is sun screen! You will need a suitable outdoor First Aid kit.

Two day events: You will need a tent. There is a check on what food you will be preparing on the Saturday night and Sunday morning, to ensure it is adequate and sensible. Hence you will need to be able to boil water and cook the food you brought with you. You will need a suitable outdoor First Aid kit.

The walk always takes place in the Essex countryside within OS Explorer Map 183 (Chelmsford and Rodings).

The event is normally 16 miles on the Saturday and 8 miles for those walking on the Sunday.

  • The Main Event and Supervets events are two days, Saturday and Sunday, camping overnight on the Saturday.
  • The Mini Trek event covers a shorter 8 mile walk on Saturday, camping overnight and an 8 mile walk on Sunday, but entrants only carry day sacks.
  • The Junior and Super Junior Trek events are led by leaders, and are one day or two day events respectively. Leaders can choose the distance they walk depending on the ability of their young teams.
  • The Veterans event is 16 miles on the Saturday only.

Each year the Waltham Walk has First Aid cover provided by St John Ambulance (or other first aid organisation) at the camp site and at the finish. First Aid kits will be available at all checkpoints. Should the occasion arise, however, it is necessary for teams to be able to provide immediate emergency aid to cover for the period between any accident or incident and the arrival of professional assistance.

It is therefore the responsibility of each Team Supervisor to ensure that each team entered has:

  • At least one team member who has a basic understanding of First Aid.
  • A First Aid kit suitable for an outdoor expedition.
  • Personal Requirements (as appropriate to individual), e.g. hayfever tablets, asthma inhalers.

All First Aid items should be carried in a waterproof container. No general creams or potions are necessary, as people can be allergic to these. Use clean water for wounds.

  • Do come, have a good time and enjoy this tough and challenging event. Everyone who enters tries to meet their own personal goal, either as a team member or as a remaining member of a team.
  • Do read and be conversant with the Waltham Walk Rules and Team Instructions.
  • Do follow all instructions regarding the parking of vehicles. Remember this for the safe running of the checkpoint and maintaining the goodwill of those land owners allowing us to use their property.
  • Do think about and ask about what to carry and what not to carry.
  • Do remember a First Aid kit and have the basic knowledge of how to use it in an expedition environment
  • Do not come unprepared!
  • Do not assist teams by answering puzzles, carrying equipment or route planning.
  • Do not bring the wrong camping or walking kit.
  • Do not forget you can get badly sunburnt in the open, bring sun shield and a hat.
  • Do not bring your map and compass having only played with them indoors. You rarely get lost indoors!