The Waltham Walk will be managed through its Constitution, Committee and affiliation to The Boys’ Brigade.



The event shall be called “THE WALTHAM WALK” (WW).


To provide:

  1. A challenge expedition open to teams from any youth organisation, school, company or group of friends.
  2. A fun but tough and challenging event including but not restricted to:
    • A walk / expedition for either one or two days using the OS Explorer map 183 Chelmsford & the Rodings testing the ability to navigate using map and compass.
    • ‘Incidents’ involving crossing rivers, assault courses, and other initiative tests.
    • An overnight camp, where the teams cook their own meals

The Events

The WW shall cater for male, female and mixed teams within the age groups specified.

The WW Committee reserve the right to amend the rules in respect of mixed teams should circumstances require such amendment.

The WW shall comprise six separate, but concurrent, events each defined by age group as follows:

  • Junior & Super Junior events: Non-competitive fully flexible events for young teams who must be accompanied by leaders. Age 10-12 years. 1 or 2 days.
  • Mini Trek: Teams of 12 – 14 year olds. Supervised (but not fully accompanied) by leaders (2 days including camping overnight).
    Main Event: Teams of 14 – 18 year olds. Unaccompanied (2 days including camping overnight).
  • Veterans Saturday Event: 1 day events for 19+ year olds.
  • Veterans Sunday Event: 1 day events for 19+ year olds.
  • Supervets: 2 day event for the 19+ year olds. (including overnight camping).

The age to be taken as at 31st August in the year of the competition.


The event shall be organised by the “WW” Committee (the Committee) who will have complete management of the annual event.

The Committee will comprise members with a background of experience working with young people in the full or part-time youth service.

The Waltham Walk will be formally affiliated to The Boys’ Brigade but in all matters of organisation, finance and management of the event, the Committee shall be fully independent of this movement.

The Committee shall appoint a Chairman/Secretary and Treasurer but these appointments will not be made on an annual basis unless the Committee so desire.

All route details, insurance of equipment (used by the event) and team fees shall be decided by the Committee.

Any matter not provided for in the Constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee, whose decision shall be final.


The financial year will run from September to August.

The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining accurate records of all income and expenditure.

Every year the accounts of the Waltham Walk will be reviewed by a person with a knowledge of accountancy and who is independent of the Committee.

The Committee shall make and have the final decision in all matters relating to the WALTHAM WALK.

The Committee shall have the powers of co-option wherever necessary (year by year).

First Aid

The Committee are responsible for arranging suitable first aid cover over the weekend of the event. Arrangements shall be made for the British Red Cross, the St John Ambulance Brigade or another suitable organisation to be on site at the Overnight Campsite and the Finish on the Sunday.

Health and Safety

The Committee are responsible for checking that all incidents are carried out in the safest possible way and in the best interest of the competitors.

An independent experienced person with a background in Health and Safety will oversee the WW. The health and safety of the WW will be managed through but not limited to:

  • Formal risk assessments of the event, to reduce risks to the minimum and have management arrangements in place for any residual risks together with post event risk reviews.
  • All Committee members and Marshals in charge of checkpoints to have current Disclosureand Barring service registration.
  • All competitor teams have consent forms, including medical and emergency contactscompleted and that these are available during the event.

The Committee

The event ‘Waltham Walk’ will be managed by a suitably experienced and qualified committee.

The current committee is:

Michael Wilding (Chairman)
Len Field (Treasurer / Health, Safety & Safeguarding Advisor)
Robin Harrison
Roger Little
Phil Norman
David Hann
John Brookes
Gerry Merritt
John Cross


The Waltham Walk will operate under the umbrella of The Boys’ Brigade, reporting through the Redbridge & Waltham Forest Battalion.