Waltham Walk 2020 Cancellation

During this week, with the closure of schools and all youth group communal activities due to the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), it has become clear the WALTHAM WALK 2020 would be unable to take place this May and so this message is to officially announce that the event will be cancelled this year.

It is not really practical to try and hold the event later in the year as the remainder of 2020 is now filled with uncertainty and the Waltham Walk is really an early summer event, relying on longer daylight hours and decent weather conditions at that time of year. Those of you with longer memories know that we had to cancel the event in 2001, due to ‘foot & mouth’ which pretty well closed down the entire countryside, but we bounced back from that in 2002, and the committee will be working hard in the autumn to give you all a great event next year. Our thoughts at the moment are to use the basic route and venues planned for 2020, but this will be considered carefully in the autumn, when things have hopefully returned to a degree of normality.

Date is likely to be the weekend of 22nd/23rd May 2021, the weekend before the late May Bank Holiday on 30th May. Again this will be confirmed in the autumn once venues are taking bookings again. We inevitably have one or two financial matters to deal with resulting from the cancellation of WW2020, but we hope these will not put too much of a dent in our finances.

It has been good to speak to the one or two of you who have telephoned/emailed me during the week, and good to hear all the ideas you have to keep your organisational groups together with inventive ideas using internet and social media. All the best with your youth work, during the next few challenging months.

May we also take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the very best in these difficult times: stay safe and well.

Mike & the WW Committee