Information for Checkpoint Marshalls

The Checkpoint Marshalls are the key persons for the organisation and safe running of the checkpoint.

They will:

  •  Have a current Disclosure and Barring Service registration.
  •  Have reviewed their checkpoint site and location prior to the event and reported the proposed incident details to the Committee – Len Field
  • Undertake a risk assessment in accordance with the Safety Manager risk documentation
  • Ensure all assisting checkpoint staff details are recorded
  • Report all health and safety issues should they arise as part of their running of the checkpoint.

Checkpoint board

Before leaving The Start, Collect checkpoint board. On arrival at your Checkpoint enter details as per marshals sheet including restrictions for next leg, if any. Keep the board away from the booking in area as teams will gather around it and be in your way. A stick of chalk is useful to fill in details on the board or nowadays a blackboard type pen.


Please bring enough containers for water for teams. Also locate any water supplies at or near the checkpoint. Teams have been advised that they are to carry all their food and equipment, but water will be provided at checkpoints. Do not allow early teams to be wasteful as the later teams will also need water.


Set up incident and work out a points system. Most checkpoints have a maximum of 40 points per team. Teams attempting the incident should be awarded a minimum of 5 points. This is so teams who attempt the incident are not disadvantaged by those who do not attempt it.

Mini-trek teams do incidents on both days. In order to prevent delays and backlogs it is essential that on Sunday at least two teams should be able to do the incident at the same time.

Risk Assessment

We are required to carry out a risk assessment for each checkpoint. Please record the findings on the risk assessment form enclosed. This should be done before the checkpoint opens and reviewed as appropriate. Please hand the form to our safety officer when he arrives at your checkpoint.


Booking in

Enter time of arrival on team’s log book and check if puzzle answer is written down. If puzzle is correct award 10 points. Enter info on Checkpoint sheet. Time points are calculated overnight and at the finish.

Booking out

When a team has finished the incident, enter incident points on CP sheet and log book. Then enter booking out time for 10 minutes after incident is completed. Teams may leave early if they wish to gain extra time. It is up to them but they will need it to gain extra time points for next leg. Check information on log book and CP sheet are complete and give log book to team. Note the number of team members walking on the CP sheet and if possible indicate on the log book who is walking/dropped out. If the team is non competitive (eg drop outs) then draw a diagonal line a cross log book to indicate non-competitive team.

If a team member drops out then the others may continue and will each receive a certificate if they complete the course. However, they will not be in the running for a position in the prizes list.


Ensure all staff have a job to do and advise them as to what they need to do and what to do when they have done it. Ensure they understand instructions.


If someone requires hospital treatment then the nearest A & E is at Broomfield 2 miles north of Chelmsford. A responsible adult should stay with the casualty until released or a relative arrives.

Inform Mick Wilding of details ASAP including casualty’s name and team number if appropriate.

Assistance from leaders

Teams should be able to complete the event by themselves. However encouragement from leaders is welcome provided it is reasonable. They should where possible let the teams make decisions. It is however useful to ensure that teams have marked the next checkpoint on their map correctly. This saves a lot of effort tracing lost teams. It also ensures the board and information sheets have been completed correctly. It is also advisable for teams to write down map reference separately.

Lost teams

When most of the teams have gone through, you should have a list of ‘non runners’. Check which teams you are waiting for. If necessary check with previous check point to find time they were booked out from previous check point.

If it is apparent that a team may be lost inform Mick Wilding or Len Field who will arrange for a sweep to be carried out. Advise when team is found.

Drop outs

If teams or members drop out try and arrange for them to be taken to the finish on Sunday or Campsite on Saturday. They do not need to go immediately but should be taken by vehicle by a responsible person.