What equipment do we need?

You will need everything for a two day, one night self supported orienteering type course. You will need, ideally, two good pairs of foot ware together with a change of socks. Dry feet travel better. You will need to cater for changeable weather; hot, cold , dry or wet; use clothing layers. Over a weekend the weather often changes for the better or the worse. Just as important as waterproofs is sun screen! You will need, as a team, one three person tent, this will be carried between members. You will need map and compass.

There is a check on what food you will be preparing, on the Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, to ensure it is adequate and sensible. Hence you will need to be able to boil water and cook the food you brought with you. You will need a suitable outdoor First Aid kit, and survival kit. If you get hurt or lost in bad weather you may need them.