Some Do’s and Do Nots

Do come, have a good time and enjoy this tough and challenging event. Everyone who enters tries to meet their own personal goal, either as a team member or as a remaining member of a team.

  •  Do think about and ask about what to carry and what not to carry.
  •  Do Not come unprepared!
  • Do read and be conversant with the WW Rules and Team Instructions
  • Do Not assist teams by answering puzzles, carrying equipment or route planning
  • Do follow all instructions regarding the parking of vehicles. Remember this for the safe running of the checkpoint and maintaining the goodwill of those land owners allowing us to use their property.
  • Do Not bring the wrong camping or walking kit.
  • Do Not forget you can get badly sun burnt in the open, bring sun shield and a hat
  • Do remember a first aid kit and have the basic knowledge of how to use it in an expedition environment
  • Do Not bring your map and compass having only played with them indoors. You rarely get lost indoors!